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We meet on Tuesdays and Saturdays each week.  Members are encouraged to drive their street rods.  Guests are invited to attend by invitation from a Donut Gang member. We spend about one hour sharing information and having breakfast together.
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Carroll Pimpler made a honorary Donut Gang member because of  his long term support for the Gang. See . Members.

The Donut Gang has lost another member! Bobby Parker passed peacefully and with grace on May 23, 2019. He was an antique car enthusiast and proud member of the "Donut Gang." We will miss him. More information is available at Highway to Heaven page.

We are not a car club! We have no president, no dues, no by-laws, no newsletters, no monthly meetings, and no rules.  We are a group of like minded car guys, who like T-shirts and old cars.
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Tony Adsley's 1933 Ford Project
After owning a traditional ’34 Ford 3-Window Coupe (full fendered, 327, etc) for 17 years, I wanted to change it out for a Hi-Boy style 3-Window similar Ford but did NOT want to ruin the old hot rod ’34 that I had.  So….  I began looking for a completed ‘33/’34 3-window on line.  I could not find one that was the right mix of power but streetable, comfortable with certain amenities like A/C, and of course either red or black, etc.  One of my dear friends had one but it was totally the wrong color for me (Puke Yellow with Purple Flames).  However, once you got past the color, it was just about perfect to fill that REAL HOT ROD OBJECTIVE! 
So, after about three years of teasing, cussing and discussing the car with my buddy, we arrived at a win-win deal that would allow me some financial room for the cost of a repaint.  My Buddy generously offered to help me disassemble and assemble the car so it could be repainted in BLACK!!!  We changed owners in January ’15 and started tearing it completely apart (down to the bare frame) so the frame could be sand-blasted, primed and powder-coated in Gloss Black.  Once the frame was back from the Powder Coater, we were able to replace all the chassis goodies back on the frame and ready the project for the painted body once we got it back from the painters at Drippin Body and Paint in Dripping TX. 
Currently, the body has come back from the painter, is now firmly attached to the completed chassis, the wiring is 95% complete, thanks to our Donut Gang wiring pro, Dan “Sparky” Brinkman.  Also, while at Dan’s shop, he got the A/C blowing cold air!!!  Currently, the car is back in my shop and is getting a new windshield and chrome frame this week.  It will then set for a few weeks while we are on vacation to escape the TX heat, then back on it to get the remaining items finished/installed.  The original “modified” Grille was in pretty bad shape and had to be sent to Oregon to get some real professional talent on it.  We expect the Grille to be done in the next 4-5 weeks which will then allow us to attach the hood and associated frontend parts.  
  • Steel “Henry Ford” ’33 Ford 3-Window Coupe
  • Hiboy Style
  • 463 CI “Butch Smith Built” BBC,
  • Earl Garity built Aluminum Heads,1.7:1  Roller tip and roller fulcrum Rockers
  • 525 Flywheel Horse Power
  • 400 TH
  • Winters 9” 2.50:1 RR
  • Torsion Bar Suspension front/rear
  • A/C, Stereo, cruise control
  • iDidit, Halibrand,
  • All wheel disc brakes
Lee's 1956 Chevy two door sedan build: Waiting on photo's and write up.
Mickey Greer's 1967 Chevy project: Waiting on photo's and write up.
Hohmann's 1950 Olds project: Frame off restoration. Currently waiting on photo's and write up.
Dick Darnell's 1967 Barracuda project: Waiting on write up and some more photo's