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Junk Yard
The Ballad of Number 1
In the Heart of Texas, they called him Number 1,
        and you'll likely see him, where the Hot Rods Run.
But watch your step, he's cranky and mean,
        except when he's driving his Red Machine.
Big Gene
He gathered together, a bunch of guys,
        he called the Donuts, as he looked into their eyes,
And if you want to run, with the Donut Gang,
        You're gonna have to shed, that ol' Mustang.
Big Gene
The Donut Gang grew, as the word got around,
        about the new kind of club, in Austin town.
And unless you enjoy, lookin' like a fool,
        don't ask anybody, about the club rules.
Big Gene
Things went fine, for a couple of years
        they grilled some burgers, they drank some beers,
Tuesday morning breakfast, on Saturdays they'd cruise,
        the highways of Texas, and take in the views.
Big Gene
Then one day, Number One said "Boys",
        I'm gonna sell my house, and pack up my toys,
I'm going out West, with the Fruits and Flakes,
To stay here any longer, would be a mistake.
Big Gene
"Don't Go" said the Donuts, their voice all tense,
        "they're crazy out there, this makes no sense",
You'll have to run for Governor, if you go out West,
        and eat granola, and take screen tests.
Big Gene
The Donuts all knew, they'd never change his mind,
        he was gonna leave Texas, and the Donuts behind.
And when the day came, for him to follow the sun,
        the Donuts all said, "We're gonna miss ya 'Number 1'".
Big Gene
Now somewhere out West, there's a Red '48,
        cruisin' the highways, of the Golden State,
And every now and then, you'll see a tear in his eye,
        when he thinks about the Gang, hangin' out at the "Y".
Big Gene
Composed by: Richard Haas 0n September 16, 2003

Who are we?

What we do!

We are not a car club! We have no president, no dues, no by-laws, no newsletters, no monthly meetings, and no rules.  We are a group of like minded car guys, who like T-shirts and old cars.
We meet on Tuesdays and Saturdays each week.  Members are encouraged to drive their street rods.  Guests are invited to attend by invitation from a Donut Gang member. We spend about one hour sharing information and having breakfast together.
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Want to buy a 1932 Ford coupe? See Tony Adsley's . Notice his speedometer, 32 miles per hour and total mileage is 3232.

Buster Hoffmaster's custom 1932 roadster project is almost finished!

Maurice Allen has a new truck to see more about it Maurice Allen

The Donut Gang is stating our 21st year. Happy New Year Donuts!

There is a new Donut Gang calendar format. Please click on Calendar to see the new format. Ken Luthy is our Event Coordinator.

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