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The common objective of this gang is to socialize with others that have the same hobby of owning modified cars and trucks that were manufactured in the USA and are considered "Special Interest" vehicles. The guidelines for the gang are to make friends not just acquaintances. Friends and modified vehicles are what it's all about.

Gang members and invited guests meet every Tuesday and Saturday for coffee and bench racing.

Hot Rodding was born.

 In the early days, they called them by the descriptive terms Soup-Ups, Go Jobs, or Cut-Downs. The name Hot Rod came later, but it's the name that stuck - two words that police officers and parents said as a curse and that kids whispered with awe.  And then came Customs, Rat Rods, Street Rods and more. It was an all All-American fad, this need for wheels and speed with an individual touch. And through the years, hot rodding became an Art -- with a capital "A".
Source: "The All-American Hot Rod"





Texas Governor Rick Perry says that when he gets a Hot Rod, he wants to join "The Donut Gang"




    Maurice on top of a custom 51 Ford    



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